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Uitnodiging Hub launch | saturday november 24th | Hilton Hotel Rotterdam

Date: Saturday the 24th of November 2007
Time: 18.30-22.30
Location: Hilton Rotterdam

  • Are you intrigued by the potential for a beautiful future inspired by bold, innovating, creative entrepreneurs? Are you ready to invest in what they create?
  • Are you ready to put Rotterdam and Amsterdam on the map with an innovative network of Hubs, spanning London to Johannesburg, Sao Paolo to Berlin?

Support the launch of The Hub!

On the 24th of November 2007 The Hilton Rotterdam is host to the introduction of The Hub in The Netherlands. Christie's presents an exclusive auction in order to raise our start-up capital. This is an unique chance to bid on surprising, innovative products and services, but also a great chance to meet new people, who work from their passion and responsibility.

The Hub connects… inspiring people internationally. On the 24th we bring together social innovators, politicians, business men and women, Dutch celebrities, and the media.

To be invited to " The Hub: The launch of a new future" we charge you €1,00. Of course we accept supplementary donations if you believe the return on investment is more valuable than one e uro.

Let's Bid

Let's Club

Let's Meet...

Let's Hub!

For more information you can send an email to thehublaunch@gmail.com

This communication contains information The Hub. Please forward this message to everybody who you think are interested.

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The Hub
Heemraadssingel 219
Tel: 06-53234490 / 06-27201254
www.thehublaunch.nl (starting date 3-11-2007)

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