dinsdag, januari 03, 2006

Goeie! Brand - Goeie! Story

Z-BRAND originated in the mind of a man who traveled from South Africa to LA to Berlin and beyond. Over time, he collected random souvenirs on the clothes he wore – a stained hem, a ripped cuff – that were reminders of the places he’d been.

Every stain, EVERY TEAR, every mend, had a story behind it.

ALONG THE WAY, he ransacked as many authentic fabrics as he could from countries representing just about every letter in the alphabet. THE END RESULT? Z-BRAND clothes that took a beating in their past lives, and liked it. Shirts and jeans and shorts that have unique and storied histories, just like each and every one of us.

You can find Z-Brand clothing, but it won’t be easy. These clothes have a tendency to move about from town to town, looking for the next suitcase to call home.

Look for more info at the cool website www.z-brand.com!