maandag, september 12, 2005

Goeie! employees

Every employer knows that the right person for the right job is out there somewhere: how to locate them is the real challenge. Companies have long been rewarding their own employees for bringing in talent: now, companies like YorZ are casting an even bigger net, cleverly turning to the rest of the world for help.

YorZ, where members can find a job or post a job listing including an optional bounty (a referral reward) to encourage people to refer quality candidates. The bounty system encourages consumers to become headhunters, scouting their friends, colleagues and family for listed jobs. Obviously, the bounty is only awarded if an employee is successfully sourced through YorZ, while the employer is asked to leave feedback about referrers and candidates. At last count, YorZ listed 874 jobs, and a total of USD 143,310 in bounties.