woensdag, september 07, 2005

Goeie! Body Language 2

Tattoo Couture. High Brow for the underground.

Against the invasion of the Tat-bots.
'Tons of sites, have been talking about Kurt, the tattoo robot by artist Nikolaus Passath of Austria. I haven't commented on it because, well, it's old news. Old as in over two years old -- a century in Internet years -- but, alas, I have succumbed to peer pressure. Yesterday and today I have been inundated with links to entries on the tattoo bot with requests for comment.

The whole mystique would be lost -- think about the feeling of walking into a tattoo shop, where the vibe hints of the owner's and artists' personalities with its music, the art on the walls, and even the personal styles of the artists themselves. Most importantly, should robots replace tattooists, I would find myself sleeping next to a big buzzing machine ... then again ...'. Today on de tat blog http://www.needled.com/